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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

   Tiger Moon   at Kelowna's famous   Fireside Festival  , January 2018.

Tiger Moon at Kelowna's famous Fireside Festival, January 2018.

Tiger Moon - Professional Minstrels

Tiger Moon is a West Canadian Folk duo - elements of Bluegrass and Country music wrap their devout Folk sound into a completely unique sound and structure. Dan Tait and Kasey Graff Boast harmonious sounds, heartfelt melodies, and foot-stomping rhythms - they are a pair to be reckoned with. They perform with a guitar, mandolin, foot percussion, two sets of boots and two big, rich voices. Drawing their sound from traditional folk, Canadiana, soul and rock, they are a minimalist barn-burning band with syrup-soaked harmonies. 

"Just imagine Earl Scruggs was dreaming that Dolly Parton and Led Zeppelin had a baby band. Then they let Steve Earle and the Dukes co-parent with Jim Beam and that is just a hint at what you can expect from Tiger Moon."
-House Concert Host Craig M. in Summerland, BC

With their debut full-length record Cariboo & Whiskey released in 2017 following two successful EPs in 2013 and 2015, the team is working hard to secure their spot as an integral part of the musical fabric of Canada. Both lineups have been added to a number of West Canadian festival bills in thanks to their upbeat, folky melodies and diligent and devout musicianship. 

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Tiger Moon came to be in 2012 when Kasey Graff and Dan Tait, each already forging their own music careers,  found one another in downtown Kelowna. They discovered a beautiful chemistry together and began performing as a duo at jam nights and coffeehouses. Shortly thereafter, the couple became serious about their music and began wowing crowds with their rich, harmony-driven sound.

In September 2013 the pair ultimately put their money where their mouth was. They released their self titled EP and sold all their possessions to undertake a massive tour across North America; learning about the land and the people; and sharing their music with the people in every town they visited. Tiger Moon travelled for seven months – over 22,000 Kms - in a 1981 Volkswagen Westfalia, across Canada, from BC to Quebec, down the American eastern seaboard, along the southern states and up the western American coast. They met and jammed with the locals, expanded their musical vision and compiled these new experiences into a lyrical voice.

"They began performing at many different venues [...] even an early morning set at a local BC Transit Bus Stop."
   Tiger Moon   performing on The Wharf in Santa Cruz, CA.

Tiger Moon performing on The Wharf in Santa Cruz, CA.

Kelowna welcomed their return and Tiger Moon started performing at many different venues; pubs, golf courses, wineries, yacht clubs, street corners, coffee shops, parties, wedding & funeral ceremonies, theatres, radio shows, and even an early morning set at a local BC Transit bus stop. They spent the winter of 2014-2015 hosting a jam night and honing their craft at Snowshoe Sam’s at Big White Ski Resort – arguably Canada’s most popular ski bar.

With their second EP entitled Mama Nature’s Finest released in June 2015, the couple packed up again to tour across Canada, this time by train with VIA Rail’s Artists On Board program. From Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS they shared their stories and music with people on and off the train, enriching their music and developing a library of experience for songwriting.  Tiger Moon packed in two 'Off The Rails' tours as well during this time. One in south-east Ontario in several venues from Toronto to Montreal; and one two-week engagement in bars and other venues from Halifax, Nova Scotia through Moncton, NB to St John’s, Newfoundland.

When Tiger Moon returned home to Kelowna, they initiated a radical expansion of their quarterly touring network in BC & Alberta. They also returned to Snowshoe Sam’s in 2016, and were welcomed back to the VIA Rail Artists On Board program for another tour across Canada in the summer of 2016, with another strong stretch of performances through Ontario.

In January 2017 Tiger Moon gathered a crew of creatives and brought them to Wells, BC to record their first length album. With the help of Island Mountain Arts and Barkerville National Historic Site, the team spent a week recording in Wells and Barkerville, BC. They captured live organic audio in churches over 150 years old, and recorded the breadth of what would be come their debut full-length album; Cariboo & Whiskey.

"Tiger Moon was fortunate enough to crowd-fund $8,860 from the help of 67 project backers. They raised 147% of their goal [and] funded the pressing of the album to vinyl."

The duo requisitioned help from their long-time collaborator, close friend and engineer Mike Pedersen of Music City Studio. They received support and production assistance from Joshua Smith and Dylan Ranney. They also brought in the help and dedication of the award-winning film director Chelsea McEvoy of Chelsea Jade Media. Chelsea filmed, directed and edited 'The Making of Cariboo & Whiskey', a documentary on the band's time in Wells and Barkerville, BC recording the album. 

Through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Tiger Moon was fortunate enough to crowd-fund $8,860 from the help of 67 project backers. They raised 147% of their goal and built an incredible buzz of excitement behind Cariboo & Whiskey. This funded the pressing of the album to vinyl in a beautiful analog LP, with artwork commissioned by Liz Ranney

Vinyl mastering of Cariboo & Whiskey was done by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Studios in Los Angeles.

Upon the release of their new record, Tait and Graff continued to expand their West Canadian touring circuit and promoted the release of Cariboo & Whiskey in venues all over BC, Alberta and Ontario. The album charted on college radio stations in various folk centres across Canada, garnered respectable airplay on CBC, and has been streamed heavily domestically and abroad. The couple hand-delivered over 900 physical copies of the album to fans throughout 2018, posting a massive 150-performance year in 2017.

Now Dan Tait and Kasey Graff are looking to the future. They are developing plans to record another full-length record in early 2019, and will be running another strong touring season through summer and fall, 2018.

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Dan Tait & Kasey Graff
Tiger Moon