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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.


Cariboo & Whiskey is Released!

Album art provided by Liz Ranney Art & Design.

Album art provided by Liz Ranney Art & Design.

After an exhausting few months of recording, mixing, mastering, adjusting, promoting, shopping, selling, waiting and planning, our first full-length album entitled Cariboo & Whiskey is out!

You can now grab it on all online distribution sites, and you can even order physical copies directly from our storefront!

You can also watch the documentary The Making of Cariboo & Whiskey right here on our Vimeo page!

We celebrated on Friday, June 9th with some of our best, most talented musical friends at Kelowna Forum. It was an incredible event featuring many local favourites. You can watch the replay of the Live Stream here! Make sure you set aside a few hours, and maybe have a couple tissues beside you. :)

We've Had A Few Minutes to Recoup, And We're Back At It Again!

We're all over BC in June, so we're hoping to see you soon! Check out some of the highlighted shows below:

A complete list of our tour dates can be found right here.

Spring, Summer, Album Release, and Who Knows What Else!?

Hey Folks! We got news! 

First Off: We're on some festival lists for summer 2017! Already we have been announced on the lineups for Volim Valley Festival, Lumby Arts & Music Festival, Ponderosa Festival and the Penticton Canada Day Festival! (Teaser: There are more to come!)

Next - Kickstarter Rewards are comin' into our hands, and they'll be shipped out by the end of the month! We have already received stickers, buttons and CDs for Cariboo & Whiskey! Woop woop! Can't wait to package everything up for you wonderful folks!

Also - We need you to complete your Kickstarter surveys! There are just a few outstanding, and we need this information to process your orders and ensure it all gets shipped to you in the right sizes, to the right address, and the right packages! Those who were due for VIP passes and did not fill out their survey will only receive 1 VIP pass! We had 2 available for everyone who was due, but high demand means they sold out quickly. If Kasey or Dan chatted with you already or if you filled out your survey already and requested 2, have no worries - you got 2! ;)

And last but not least, those videos are up! We also just had our first preview of the documentary! Agh! We hope you love it as much as we do...

Chelsea McEvoy & Mike Pedersen are incredible - they've worked so damn hard and they deserve all of the love! 

Alright - that's all for now! Stay tuned - packages are comin' your way, Kickstarter Backers!

Lots and lots of love,

Tiger Moon and The Cariboo & Whiskey Team.

A New Music Video, And Album Preorder!

Holy Moly! This train ain't stoppin'!

We're travelling in April, May and June - check our Tour Dates page for shows near you in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan!

We've got a brand new video for you folks - a unique look into our work and occasional play up in Barkerville, BC! The song is 'Stay Tuned', and the footage is all pulled from the documentary based on the making of the album - shot & edited by Chelsea McEvoy!

You Can Pre-Order The Album Right Now!


Check out our Tour Page for all our upcoming dates! We're in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan in the next two months!

See you soon - and take care of yourselves! 

-Tiger Moon


Oh my gosh...

Our kickstarter has just gone live, folks!!! This is help in the final stages of the release of Cariboo & Whiskey - We need just a little help to get over the hump and down the home stretch!


We love & appreciate you - and thank you for your support!!

Recording Some Magic...

We're off recording some magic up in Wells, BC - Sorry you missed us! We'll be back soon!

If you miss us, you can try any or all of these sites below!




Happy New Year from TM!

Happy New Year folks! In case you missed it, here's our holiday video, which you can also download for free right here!

Wow... #2016 was a year of ups and downs for us here at Tiger Moon. We enjoyed performing all over Canada with friends of all sorts, we released a bunch of new successful Youtube videos, Dan got a new guitar, Kasey fell in love with window art, we travelled and travelled and travelled, we enjoyed the highs of love and we endured the lows of loss.

We wouldn't be here without all of you - family, friends and fans. Thank you so much for making us the luckiest band around, and keeping us driven to make our art.

In 2017, we resolve to make the best album we have ever made, followed by our most extensive tour of Canada ever... The album is entitled 'Cariboo & Whiskey', and will be recorded in #Wells#BC in a couple weeks. We'll be keeping you updated right here as we go, so come join us, follow along, and we'll share our story with you!

Happy New Years Everybody! We love you all!

#staytuned #resolutions #folk

Egg Nog News...

Hello folks!

We're back again with some news! First off - check out this fancy shmancy video we shot up at Frequency Wine & Sound in Kelowna! Chelsea McEvoy was our videographer and Tony Lewis & Alexis Leycraft of Frequency did the sound! 

We've got some great news! Last we told you, we were unsure of where we were going to record our album Cariboo & Whiskey, as our intended setting was recently sold. We have now found a place to record! We will be taking up residence with Island Mountain Arts in beautiful Wells, BC as part of their Artist In Residence Program! We have been working with the IMA team to ensure we can do everything we want to do, and they have been more than accommodative. We will be driving up to Wells on December 11th to check it all out! We'll make sure we share some photos with you!

We have a couple Christmas Parties that we're playing in the next couple weeks, as well as a performance at The Last Drop Pub in Revelstoke on December 16th! If you're in the area, we'll hope to see you there!

Also, Ottawa we're coming back over Christmas! Contact Dan & Kasey if you REALLY WANT TO SEE THEM play music back home! There is only ONE opportunity to at a house concert in Dunrobin...

Also - next week we will be shooting a little Holiday Video for all y'all to enjoy over the next month! It's one of our favourites!

In the meantime, we are now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and nearly two dozen other music distribution sites! Like us, follow us, download us - get us! :)

We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season this year. If you don't hear from us, we're probably rehearsing like maniacs and sipping mildly spiked Eggnogs...

Lots of love!