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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

Let's Raise Some Money, Baby!

Hey all you beautiful people in web-land!

Well, we had to peel our eyes away from election coverage because it's too stressful for us, so we thought we'd send you a little message to keep you in the loop!

November is our Month of Fundraising!

We're always proud to help those in our community who may be in need or who may be less fortunate than us. It is our honour to be playing three fundraising shows this month, each for their own unique and honourable causes, and each with a lineup of amazing local musicians!

November 12th at the Grateful Fed, we're getting together with a number of stellar local artists to raise money for a great friend of Kelowna, British Columbia's music scene, Simon A. All proceeds are going directly to Simon's medical needs. See here for details!

November 18th we're teaming up with Andrew JudahSwamp Honey, Gold Sauce and a few more at a house concert for the OneBagChallenge Evening of Music to buy waterproof winter-rated sleeping bags for our homeless community! Admission is a minimum $20 donation, or a waterproof winter-rated sleeping bag! Check it out!

November 25th we're getting together with Wild Son at The Train Station Pub for Stash Bash - Concert for Cancer ft. Wild Son by OBSA & FPK to raise money for cancer research and treatment right here in our community. The Facebook Event Page is right here!

Lots of opportunities to see us - plus, we'll have a spot on ShawTV in Kelowna in November! We'll release the details as soon as we can!

Lots of love friends!


- TM