Tiger Moon

West Canadian Folk

Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

March Madness!

Hello there folks!

Tiger Moon is back after a short break from performances, and we're charged up and ready to go! We have some news and some shows on the horizon for you... BUT FIRST! 

Check out this video that we recorded on a beauty day in Nelson... A tune originally written by the one and only Steve Earle, it'll get you pumped for Paddy's Day next week! The sound came out so well that we're gonna release a few more of these just for you, so share it around if ya like!

Guess what!?
We're working on three tours coming up for 2016. Our first is a May Long Weekend Coastal/Island BC Tour! We'll be touring with Joshua Smith, a very close personal friend and beautifully talented musician. After that we're working on another major BC tour with our buddies My Kind Of Karma throughout all of June! (And if you've never seen Tiger Karma - check out this little easter egg!!) 

We've also been accepted into VIA Rail's Artists On Board program for the second consecutive year! We're elated and proud to be taking the train to Ontario and back for our (Almost Annual) HWY 401 Tour!

Otherwise, life is swell... How are you??
We've got a number of great shows in the coming months. As for March, here's what we got!

March 12th - The Red Antler @ SilverStar Mountain Resort - 7pm - FREE!
March 17th - St. Paddy's Party @ Snowshoe Sam's - 3pm - FREE!
March 19th - The Royal in Nelson - 9pm - $10
March 25th - Habitat in Kelowna with SHRED KELLY - 9pm Doors - $15 Advance Tickets

Well, March is going to be Grand! Happy Easter if we don't see ya - We'll get back to ya in April!

Never stop pluckin'.

-Tiger Moon