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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

Happy New Year from TM!

Happy New Year folks! In case you missed it, here's our holiday video, which you can also download for free right here!

Wow... #2016 was a year of ups and downs for us here at Tiger Moon. We enjoyed performing all over Canada with friends of all sorts, we released a bunch of new successful Youtube videos, Dan got a new guitar, Kasey fell in love with window art, we travelled and travelled and travelled, we enjoyed the highs of love and we endured the lows of loss.

We wouldn't be here without all of you - family, friends and fans. Thank you so much for making us the luckiest band around, and keeping us driven to make our art.

In 2017, we resolve to make the best album we have ever made, followed by our most extensive tour of Canada ever... The album is entitled 'Cariboo & Whiskey', and will be recorded in #Wells#BC in a couple weeks. We'll be keeping you updated right here as we go, so come join us, follow along, and we'll share our story with you!

Happy New Years Everybody! We love you all!

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