Tiger Moon

West Canadian Folk

Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.


Cariboo & Whiskey is Released!

 Album art provided by Liz Ranney Art & Design.

Album art provided by Liz Ranney Art & Design.

After an exhausting few months of recording, mixing, mastering, adjusting, promoting, shopping, selling, waiting and planning, our first full-length album entitled Cariboo & Whiskey is out!

You can now grab it on all online distribution sites, and you can even order physical copies directly from our storefront!

You can also watch the documentary The Making of Cariboo & Whiskey right here on our Vimeo page!

We celebrated on Friday, June 9th with some of our best, most talented musical friends at Kelowna Forum. It was an incredible event featuring many local favourites. You can watch the replay of the Live Stream here! Make sure you set aside a few hours, and maybe have a couple tissues beside you. :)

We've Had A Few Minutes to Recoup, And We're Back At It Again!

We're all over BC in June, so we're hoping to see you soon! Check out some of the highlighted shows below:

A complete list of our tour dates can be found right here.