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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

Goodbye Bayou, Hello Longhorns


Texas is something else. We left Louisiana behind and crossed into Texas via the dolphin inhabited, Calcasieu deep-water Ship Channel at the Gulf of Mexico. This was quite the detour and considerably off the beaten trail. We took Highway 82 and drove along the Gulf. It was a nice sunny day and we even got the chance to stop at the beach. We must have spent over an hour bare-footed and searching for seashells. I found one. It was perfect and I can’t wait to hang it from a piece of hemp around my neck.


Dan… Dan is amazing. He is so loving, supportive, caring… I could go on… BUT he also is kinda a giant kid. Dan found shells… probably about two dozen. I suggested to him that he pick his favourite ones. I was thinking he would chose two, maybe three. Let me tell you, as we drove along the highway the shells shook loose from their home and rolled into the bowels of our kitchen. Now I hear about a dozen shells rolling around behind our fridge every time we turn a corner.


Nobody wants to see oil patch or traffic pictures :)

We made our way through miles of oil patch. Hundreds of rigs as far as the eyes could see. The road was empty and at certain times, we questioned whether we would ever get back to civilization. Finally houses started to pop up along the highway until we were in it. It was too late for a detour. We had found ourselves in Houston, on a Thursday, during rush-hour traffic. I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT TRAFFIC IN KELOWNA EVER AGAIN. We drove for 40 miles at 10 mph. It took us two hours. Stop and go. Stop and go. Each hill we approached I tried to reassure Dan that the traffic would disperse right over that hill. I must have said it at least ten times. What a champ for getting us through that!


We were pushing for Austin that night, and if it weren’t for the traffic jam we would have made it. We ended up stopping in Bastrop, TX for the night. The next day we found a great park and just relaxed. We did nothing… well not true. We recorded a bunch of badass videos. Here is Fisherman’s Blues recorded in a park along the Colorado River. 

The next day we headed into Austin. We hit up this great Restaurant called Chupacabra Cantina. They had margaritas on special for $3. I was expecting a tiny little shot glass version of a margarita. Nope! Giant glass… lots of booze.


I had two and was hammered. That’s when we started drunk dialing. I think we called a couple of our friends trying to convince them to fly down to Austin and play music with us. There was lots of drunk texting too. I apologize. Maybe it will make you feel better to know that later that day (about 4:30 pm) I had a really bad hangover for the rest of the night…

Or maybe you will feel even better to know that later that night (about 3:30 am), we were sleeping in a Cracker Barrel (not the cheese) parking lot when we were woken by a police officer telling us to move along. Yep in Austin there is a city wide ordinance regarding overnight parking in lots, which you are normally allowed to overnight park in in other cities. Karma got me for drunk dialling. 

The next day we hit up couchsurfers.org for a little assistance in our sleeping situation. Luckily we found River. River is a semi-retired Austin resident. He opened his home to us   and went to great lengths to ensure we felt welcome in his home and the city. We had great conversation with River. We talked about our travels and he shared his stories of traveling on his own and with his family. He was really easy to get along with and we were grateful for him hosting us while we were in Austin.


We also managed to get in a solid eight hours of busking over the couple days we were there. At one point we had a bar owner come around the corner and demand we come to her bar to play the open mic. We ended up making our way over there later in the evening to a packed bar and no squeezing room on the open mic list. This was ok by me… we had just finished playing music for three hours. We thanked her for the invite and she invited us back anytime.

Austin is a city that is a little rough around the edges, but has great charm. I really loved it, but was ready for a small town. I was ready for nature…

P.S. We love making music. We love making videos! Is there a song that you want Tiger Moon to cover and post?