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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

Hank Williams Jr. Rocks Tiger Moon's World

I love country music. I grew up listening to Hank Williams, both senior and junior. I lived for Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, and Kitty Wells. This city was what made country music famous from the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium, to the endless music clubs and honky-tonk bars found in downtown Nashville on Broadway. The city loves it’s country, but in the recent years some of the most talented rock bands have relocated to the area to set up home bases to record. Bands such as Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, and Jack White are just a few. We knew we couldn’t miss this stop on our travels and decided that we would stay about a week in the city to get a good feel for it and see if we could drum up some interest.

We rolled into town around 4 pm on New Years Eve and found our first Nashville destination. We had decided to park at the Nashville Country RV Park. It was a nice campground, right near the interstate (like most parks around the area), convenience stores, and… Well that was about it. We checked in at the office and met our first Tennessean, Jeanne. She was super friendly and really helpful. She told us Hank Williams Jr. was playing downtown and there was going to be a big street party. We could take the Shuttle into downtown and not have to worry about parking or about one of us having to be a DD. …Ok, I know I said I grew up listening to Hank Williams Jr, but did I mention that I f#%^ing loved his music? 

SIDE STORY: This Christmas Dan’s family did a secret Santa, I pulled his Uncle Art’s name. Dan wanted me to give me a mug that said Uncle fART. I laughed and thought it was actually pretty funny, but at the same time, I had never met the man and thought that might come across as offensive. I made him a toque (broke musician on a crazy circle tour of America). Ok, main point… Dan’s cousin Shannon pulled my name and she asked Dan for ideas. I said, umm booze? Chocolate? I didn’t know what to say? Well, fish, fish I got my wish. Shannon gave me some delicious chocolates and booze. But not just a small, hide-in-my-boot bottle, she gave me a 40 oz of Crown Royal (Yes the same devil liquid that the Grassie’s tried to kill my liver with). 

So to keep warm we got into the Crown before getting into the shuttle, after all Nashville was in the middle of a freezing cold snap (-10 ish and dropping quickly). We rendezvoused with a gentleman named Frank. Frank is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was chatty and friendly and just wanted to make our stay the best he could. We hopped into the shuttle and took off to pick up some more rowdy New Year’s Eve crazies. 

Florida Joe wearing my mitt. Apparently it was too cold for him.

Our first shuttle stop introduced us to Joe and Eric, two Floridans up to celebrate New Years and rock out to Hank (my kinda people). There were also some other people in the shuttle, but they sucked

We got downtown and it was a mad house. The streets were blocked off and there were hoards of people coming and going. I was dressed to the nines… including winter jacket, boots, toque, mitts (it was cold! I was cold!). It must be mind over matter for other women, because they had nothing on, boobs and bums were everywhere we looked (kudos to you ladies!). We stopped at the first beer tent we could find and I heard the Florida boys mumble, “geez these beers are expensive…” People… they were $5 tall cans, umm I don’t know about you, but in Canada, at an event, beer ain’t cheaper than $10. Dan and I were happy to pay $5 each for beer. Beer in hand, we roamed up and down the street watching people and listening to the live band that was up on the stage in the middle of Broadway… and then… it happened.

Somewhere behind me I could hear the roar of the crowd and Hank Williams walked on stage. It all becomes a bit blurry at this point, but I remember belting out every single song and dancing like a mad woman. BEST NEW YEARS EVER! 

The countdown came and went, but Hank kept the tunes coming. People started leaving from the front of the stage and Dan and I instantly pushed through the crowds to try to make it to the front. We made it for the last song, which to me was the only song that counted… Family Tradition. So awesome! My life is complete :)

After the show we packed ‘er in and started walking back to where the shuttle was going to pick us up. We had some time to kill so we found our way into a honky-tonk called Legends where a live band rocked out till the wee hours.

I know it’s a little late, but HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE!!!!