Tiger Moon

West Canadian Folk

Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

How Kasey Got Her Groove Back.

Crazy Kasey. Yikes!

I have been preoccupied with the future lately - What will I do for work? Where will I live? Should I go back to school? Can I go back to school? Everyday I would stress about these decisions, send off numerous resumes, and search the web for places to rent. I had this desperate determination to get back to the grind. Then we got to Bermuda Dunes and to the Puglia’s. 

Man, those people… I can’t even express in words what they did for my soul. I learned to relax and accept hospitality while feeling gratitude instead of guilt. We spent mornings making kale smoothies and sitting poolside and evenings watching live music, creating music, and sharing stories of our travels. 

Our first day didn’t consist of much, both Dan and I are reading The Game of Thrones series (awesome freaking books) so we crash landed by the pool and re-learned how to relax (I can’t believe it took me until California to learn how to relax on this trip). Crazy Kasey started to disappear and the fact that we only had $5.00 to our name was no longer important. 

We spent two weeks in the Palm Springs area. Dan made an amazing contact with a health food cafe that let us set up on their outdoor patio. We spent three days playing there and had made more than enough money to move onto LA, but just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave yet. 

Taqueria San Miguel

I loved the vinyl chairs!

Kim and I spent a lot of time together, going shopping, visiting a date farm, and becoming immersed in our yoga practices. Dan and Joe spent time jamming together. We saw live music and ate dinner at an amazing mexican restaurant that had arguably the best and worst decor in the world. (I loved it. It reminded me of my grandparents basement, but that’s a whole other story.)

I was jealous of Marilyn… No one wanted to take pictures with TM?

We spent several days busking downtown Palm Springs in the company of Marilyn Monroe, and met travelers, transients and train hoppers along the way. *4:20: if you are reading this, I want to thank you for your stories of travel and I hope you make it to the Appalachian Trail :)

Eddie ate dinner that night!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Tiger Moon tour story without a shout out to our smoke-show Clem. She had a little bit of an oil leak (huge f%*#ing oil leak) from the valve-cover gasket. We smoked out a lot of convertibles before we could get a new valve cover gasket from Eddie’s Auto Repair (thanks Eddie!!) and I learned how to groove again. These weeks got me back in the swing of our travels. If it weren’t for all the love and support that this area showed us, I would still be thinking about home, work, and all the responsibility that awaits us (shudder).