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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

Let's Take it SLO...

We had no idea what was next. We left LA, hugging our hosts Amy & Chelsea, and not knowing where to stop, until we found something on google maps that rang a bell.

San Luis Obispo top left, LA bottom right.

We met a couple in Fredricksburg, Texas that took us in, (remember Kathryn and Mark?) and one of the places they insisted on us checking out was San Luis Obispo, California (SLO). We weren’t far so we went for it, all the way up the beautiful Highway 101.

We crash landed on a Tuesday afternoon, and spent a couple hours at Kreuzberg Coffee Shop. It was here that we went after Couchsurfing to find a new friend, and someone that would hopefully put us up for the few days we intended to hang around for. Enter Julie and The Establishment.

The Establishment.

Julie was extremely kind, and despite me mixing up the days on our arrival, was extremely welcoming. Julie lived in a huge, old-timey house called The Establishment, with 19 other folks. It was awesome – dorm-style living, several bathrooms, and a true sense of community and family in the group. Due to my date mixup, I felt like we would be imposing, so we opted to stay in the van on the street out front. (However, Julie invited us to stay on her pull-out couch, and assured us it wasn’t imposing. What a sweetheart.)



What can we say about SLO… It was a beautiful little downtown dominated by eateries, coffeeshops, and young people – young people everywhere! It was a great spot, with tons of sunny weather. We ate like royalty, and enjoyed the social nature of everyone around us. We met other musicians with tips for us, a few guys from Arizona, a even couple Canadian dudes on a West Coast Road Trip. We busked and busked and busked, and even scored a gig on Wednesday night at The Frog & Peach Pub, downtown.

This place was heaven.

Our gig at The Frog & Peach was a ton of fun… We started by playing to a nearly empty bar, but as soon as the clock struck 11, more and more people filed into the pub, greeted with our music at the doors. This was the first time we drank since… Well… Since the incident with the Grassies in Ottawa. Months, essentially. And here’s the aftermath…


 We spent the hangover day down the road at Avila Beach – a Piscean Portal. (WHAT IS A PISCEAN PORTAL!?)  We watched dolphins jumping through the tide, listened to the waves crashing, and I finished Game Of Thrones, A Feast For Crows. (Killer book, btw.) We had a romantic walk on the beach, investigated the shells, and chatted with some seagulls. Living the life, as we like to say. Clemmie even got to hang out with an older cousin!

 Siblings? Or just cousins?

The next day, Friday brought us great luck. We busked twice during the day, and met Suz. Suz worked for 92.5 Krush FM, a local radio station that played a blend of music, very acoustic based. She’d heard us busking 2 blocks away, and had to come say hello. What a cool cat – she walked right up to us, waited for us to finish the song we were playing (Don’t Call Me Baby) and invited us to do an interview that Sunday. We decided we weren’t ready to leave SLO yet, and figured we would stay until Sunday to meet up with Suz.

The weekend was a blur – we met Jon Cutler, Jeremy Piven’s cousin, and had some great conversations with him. We continued to eat like royalty, seeing as we couldn’t find a dollar menu anywhere. (Dollar Menu… Gross.) We hung out in parks and wrote music, played cribbage, and generally existed. We had a great Saturday Morning breakfast with the family in The Establishment, and truly enjoyed all the fruits of the aptly named, “Happiest Place In America”, SLO City.

Sunday came along and we met Suz at the studio on a beautiful, sunny afternoon… We got set up, microphoned, and in no-time we were recording. We played 4 songs, and had a long chat about our trip, our music, and the trials along the way. It was such an amazing experience, and we can’t thank Suz enough for the time she gave us. She even treated us to a beer and appies at a gorgeous Italian restaurant before we hit the road for Santa Cruz.

Radio Personalities DJ Dan and Kickin’ Kasey.

Life is good. Every day we’re grateful. If you want to check out the radio interview, it broadcasts on Thursday March 6th,  and Sunday March 9th. You can stream it live on http://www.krush925.com/, or alternatively, it will be On Demand after March 10th.  We would absolutely love it if you tuned in, had a listen, and let us know what you think.

**Canadian & Mobile Users – you may have to download the free TuneIn Radio App to stream it live.

It was with heavy hearts we left SLO City. And you know what? We’ll be back.

You stay classy San Luis Obispo.

Next Issue: What is Going on in Santa Cruz!?