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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

More Hijinx In The Valley...

We arrived back to my parents place on Sunday evening after our three-gig weekend foray through the Ottawa Valley. (What a blast that was!)

One of the million dollar sunsets my parents’ hold private admission to all year round.

We awoke on Monday morning to another sunny day in Vydon, bagged from a busy weekend of friends, music and running around. My Mom was glad to see us back, as there was much preparation to be made for the house concert in a couple of days. Kasey and I became groundskeepers, along with the help of my niece and nephew, Grace & Olin. 

We sprayed off decks, mowed lawns, pruned trees, moved boats, weeded gardens, and cleared sea weed off the beach. We were a full-on events production company for a couple of days!

Kasey and our noisy helper Suki have a break by the fire… Kasey has never had a fire in July!

On the Tuesday, we had a break from show preparation and took a ride up to my old elementary school in Kinburn, Ontario to record a couple of tunes at my buddy Adrian’s Studio. It was such a throwback to see this guy - we hadn’t seen each other for a long, long time. It was another throwback to be inside my old elementary school, Fitzroy Centennial Public School, and recording music in the very music room where I started to play my first saxophone. It was pretty special - and you’ll be hearing those tracks very soon!

Kasey recording in the isolation room at Levels Recording Studio and Jam Space.

Wednesday had finally arrived. My Mom had put in a lot of effort to get family, friends and neighbours invited, and we lucked out with a sunny day with a gentle breeze. It was going to be perfect. A tent had been put up on Tuesday to help protect against rain, and my brother James had arrived and was ready to play some music with us. James performs under the moniker Robertson Thomas and it was he and my Mom that taught me pretty much everything I know about music.

Kasey and I just had to pick up our sound gear (Provided by Levels Jam Space & Recording Studio and Long & McQuade - thank you so much!) and set it all up!

Kasey and our sound system all set up and waiting for our audience.

Family began to trickle in shortly after noon. Aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, neighbours and friends from near and far were all descending on my parents’ property. It was such a beautiful evening, with another amazing sunset.

My brother James (Robertson Thomas) performing at the house concert. Photo courtesy of Pat Tait.

Our beautiful, attentive crowd at the house concert. A crowd of 100 took in the show and the sunset that lit the whole Western horizon. Photo courtesy of Pat Tait.

Midsong during the second set at the Tait house concert. Photo courtesy of cousin Jake!

The sunset, capping off the evening beautifully.

The house concert was a great evening of music in a very special setting. It felt good to be playing music back in Vydon Acres. We finished the night off with a bonfire, and a cake for my Mom’s birthday.

Comin’ up next it was time to get ready for our last show of the Ontario section of the Off The Rails Tour 2015 in Ottawa. 

Currently Listening: Hero’s Sin - Robertson Thomas