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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

Ottawa, Montreal, and Then Sayonara!

Beau Réal checking le sound at Café Dekcuf on July 11th.

With almost two years since we played music in Ottawa, we opted to play with a local Ottawa band - my buddies’ band Beau Réal - in a new venue with a larger capacity than last time. We were playing a venue called Café Dekcuf on Rideau Street. It’d been about a decade since I played this venues, so that was a bit of a trip…

We had a pretty solid night with one of the best turnouts of the tour - and we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. There was a big show going on downstairs in the other bar, so it was unclear what the night would bring. Nonetheless it was a total blast from the past to have so many people coming out for the Ottawa show. We kicked it all night long with the boys, and eventually made headway back to my parents’ place once more. 

(Shoutout to Jordan - I hope your ankle is okay buddy. Glad you & Al made it! And another shoutout to Chris & Sine - Thanks for coming after a crazy week of moving house! You both rock!)

Beau Réal melting their own faces off. 

On Saturday morning we had most of our gear packed already, and just had a couple things to take care of before leaving with my parents for Montreal. One of those things was leaving a special signed album for my parents, or leaving another one for my cousins who specifically requested a signed copy… And a few other things.

Terrible. I forgot them all. (It’s okay though! They’re all in the mail right now!)

My parents drove us and all of our gear into downtown Montréal and once again on the tour, we stayed at a beautiful hotel that, under normal circumstances, falls way out of Tiger Moon’s budget. We stayed at the Mariott Chateau Champlain… Puttin’ on the ritz. We couldn’t believe it - my parents had put up with us for nearly two weeks already, and they were putting us all up in a beautiful hotel in downtown Montréal.

Montréal is gorgeous. The view from our 19th floor hotel room.

After dinner it was time for Kasey and I to gather our gear and prepare for our first official show in Montréal. Last time we came through, we weren’t so lucky.

My good friend Francesca Daoust sound checking and preparing for the evening to come at Burritoville

We shared a bill with Francesca Daoust and Bashu - two very talented solo musicians with a unique profundity to their music and their performances. It was a truly special evening in a beautiful listening environment. Kasey and I were giddy with excitement when we performed, and the show went very, very well. It was a successful break into the Montréal scene!

Part of Montréal’s beautiful botanical gardens.

The next day was Sunday Funday to be sure. Kasey and I didn’t have to be at the train station (which was conveniently 2 blocks from our hotel) until about 4:30pm. 

We started with breakfast with my parents at Chez Cora. It seemed appropriate since Chez Cora began in Montréal nearly thirty years ago. We’ve eaten at Chez Cora everywhere else but Montréal! After we all filled our gullets, we decided to store our bags at the hotel (”You can do that!?”) and go to the botanical gardens!

We said farewell to my parents at the entrance of the gardens - unfortunately they had to make it home in time to pick up a particularly silly dog who got into a chocolate gluten-free cake back at home. Suki, my parents’ standard poodle, had taken my Mom’s very special gluten-free cake that we had picked up for her, and made a mess of it all over the kitchen floor just before we left. 

**Dog lovers out there: She’s okay… She was at the kennel on this weekend, and although she was a sick dog, the biggest thing she had to worry about was a serious case of silent treatment from my Ma!

Kasey and I took our time through the gardens, and wandered through some of the coolest jungle-scapes, desert-scapes and gardens that one can see in Canada. 

A 110 year-old Bonsai tree, one of the many beautiful Bonsai relics inside Montréal’s Botanical Gardens.

After such a romantic afternoon, Kasey and I were a little reluctant to get back on the train, but deep down we were excited to head further East. Next stop was the train station, and then after that, beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Kasey’s new do.

Well, we’re signing off once again! You’ll hear from us very soon!


Next Issue: Here we are Halifax!

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