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Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

Rollin’ On Down That Road!

Silliness in Niagara Falls… Frankenstein’s chillin’ in the back!

It’s been a busy coupla’ weeks since we left Toronto! Holy smokes – it’s been too long since I started writing something down for all you beautiful people following us!

Last post, I left off with our first show in Ontario at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto! That was June. So let’s get caught up here! (Sheesh Dan, we’re midway through July now…)

More shots of T-dot! Thanks Steamwhistle!

After we finished playing in Toronto, we continued travelling South with Taylor and took a little vacay visit to Niagara Falls. We took in the falls, enjoyed FAR too much food, and then left… Some bands have drug problems, Tiger Moon has issues with Chocolate addiction. 

Horseshoe Falls as we saw them on June 28th, 2015.

Later that day we played a show at a beautiful little spot in St. Catharines called Mahtay Café. This is a super cool venue with great coffee and great craft beer and despite the slow night, it was our absolute pleasure playing at this great little café! Upon our arrival, we were informed by the owner Chris that my old pal Richard (who currently works with Beau’s Brewery) had bought us a coupla’ beers on his tab!

I’d like to at this point congratulate Richard cause he and his beautiful partner are preggerz, and I believe they’re very close to being due… You’ll be a killer Dad dude!

Taylor tuning up, and rockstar Markie (Our most-devoted fan in St. Kitts) giving us the horns!

Next up we moved up North to Bowmanville, Ontario – Taylor’s home town! We stayed with the wonderful Gross family for a coupla’ days of hangouts and exploration in B-ville, and a little bit of R&R.

FUN FACT: Did you know there are Pacific Salmon that jump up a fish ladder to spawn in Bowmanville, ON? Check it out HERE!

Mmmmm… Craft Beer… 

We also played a matinee set on Sunday at Manantler Brewery – a great brewery run by great people. They’ve got some really tasty beer… Keep yer eyes open for the Citra Situation and Death’s Tar – those are our favourite two. If yer in the area or passing through, stop by and grab some bottles! Give our best to the boys too! Thanks Jim, Chris, Oli and Bartlett! And of course, thank you to the whole Gross family for putting us up and sharing so much with us!

The beautiful, rustic stage setup at Manantler Brewery.

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After hitching another train from Oshawa to Ottawa, we found ourselves nice and comfy at Chez Tait in Vydon Acres, located on the Ottawa River. It’s hard to describe the peace and quiet we get at this little spot; the days are filled with cottage sounds echoing off the water, and the nights are silent, save for the chirping of frogs and crickets. Kasey saw fireflies flashing and crashing through the night for the first time, we relaxed with my wonderful parents, and kept busy working in the gardens and cutting lawns all week. We had much work to do in preparation for the Tait house concert the following week. 

(*ProTip: If Tiger Moon is staying with you, we LOVE working in gardens…*)

Kasey and a couple of the best munchkins around catching minnows on the Tait property on the Ottawa River.

We found ourselves hurriedly preparing for another busy weekend of shows on Friday July 3rd. We were performing at Wilderness Tours - a whitewater rafting resort, Whitewater Brewery – a great little brew pub up the road, and then our first house concert of the tour with Christine Tomka in Pembroke, Ontario. 

That’s all we got for now! I’ll post another tonight - there’s fun to be had here in Halifax!