Tiger Moon

West Canadian Folk

Tiger Moon - A West Canadian Folk act.

Well, here we go again!

Playing late into the night at Sessions Taphouse, Big White…

Weeeeee’re baaaaaaack!

And better than ever! Man, have we got some news for you! Last time we talked was in April 2014, after a whirlwind tour around North America. We were just getting settled back into the “real” world, and seriously missing life on the road. 

Well, it’s about that time again. We’ve been getting antsy here in #Kelowna and itching to be somewhere else, so we’re taking off again across Canada on a nation-wide tour! We’ve been accepted and invited to play on VIA Rail’s Artists On Board program, performing our authentic tunes on the train all the way to Halifax, NS!

This time we’re doing a short tour of BC before we take off, as well as an Ontario tour, and a tour of the beautiful Canadian maritime provinces! Kasey has yet to be out to the maritimes, so we’re very excited to be out there.

As well, we’re going to be spending some time in the studio with our pal Mike Pedersen at Music City Studio here in Kelowna, so we can bring all of you some new driving music for the summer! This time around we’re planning a full-length album release with lots of tasty tunes to wrap your ears around!

Here’s to the coming summer and lots of good times to be had! We’ll be updating regularly on the status of our trip, as well as tour dates, lyrics and as always - cheeky pictures of our adventures.

So stay tuned, cause Tiger Moon is on the blog train again!

Much love,